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Detailed analysis about all the podcasts currently available on Apple Podcasts.
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Last updated: Sun Jul 21 2024 21:29:56 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Total podcasts and episodes currently listed on Apple Podcasts

The total number of podcasts and episodes available.
Please note that a podcast being listed on Apple Podcasts does not necessarily imply that it is actively publishing new episodes.
Some podcasts choose to remove older episodes, which could affect the total number of episodes listed.

2,729,166 podcasts | 99,472,879 episodes

Number of podcasts by created date

This graph shows the number of podcasts created in a specific year on Apple Podcasts. Only podcasts currently listed on Apple Podcasts are shown.
Podcasts that were listed Apple Podcasts in the past but have been removed are not counted.

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