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Frequently Asked Questions

You will get a dataset with 2.35M+ unique rows of podcasts. These rows have 41 fields found here. Some podcasts may not have all 41 fields, it is dependant on what information is available.

After completing your purchase, you will receive an email with login instructions. From there you can download today's latest database. We provide two formats: SQLite and CSV.

To use the SQLite download, use a free tool such as DB Browser for SQLite to open the database.

Alternatively you can load the CSV into your own database.

Please note: the dataset is 4GB+, and will not open in regular spreadsheet software. We recommend you use the SQLite file to create your own smaller exports which then can be used in Excel, Google Sheets, etc
We do not offer refunds. Please download the sample dataset to see if the data is appropriate for your use case.

If you are having difficulties opening the download, please contact [email protected] for help.
You'll receive an email from our payment processor (Stripe) once your purchase is complete. The email will contain downloads for both a receipt and an invoice.
You are free to use the data in anyway you like, as long as it meets these conditions:
  • No usage of the data for illegal purposes and/or creating mass email spam.
  • No reselling the database as-is. You may use the data to enhance your own dataset, and sell that result.
  • No sharing the database, login, etc with members outside your organization. Contractors may access the data as long as they are doing direct work for your organization.
We check publicly available sources on the internet to build our dataset. We do all our own internal data collection from raw sources, and do not rely on other databases. Certain fields were made possible with open source projects.
Most likely, reach out to support for more details.
You can cancel anytime no questions asked, by logging in and going to the Billing tab.