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Dive deep into the world's most comprehensive podcast database. From the trending shows to the hidden gems, PodcastDb brings everything right at your fingertips.

2.6M+ podcasts
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Filter down and find the exact podcasts for your business goals
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Gone are the days of manually searching for the right podcasts. Access all 2.6+ million podcasts instantly.

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Use our proprietary podcast ranking to gain insights into which podcasts are hot, and which are not.
Estimated Listener Numbers and Ad Costs
Understand the reach of your message with estimated listener numbers for all podcasts, as well as estimated advertising costs.
Audience Sentiment
Average ratings only tell half the story. We scour the internet for podcast reviews to paint a more accurate picture of what audiences think of a show.
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Your new outreach superpower is here.

Filter out the noisy podcast landscape. Connect with hosts that fit your exact profile in minutes.

  • Save hours of research
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  • Place guests on shows
  • Find ad opportunities
  • Easy filtering and sorting
  • Export to your CRM
  • Social media profiles
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